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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ADHD Assessment

Individuals concerned with problems of attention/focus and
impulsivity/hyperactivity may have an attention deficit

We provide a battery of tests to determine if an attention
deficit disorder is present. Testing includes a clinical
interview and symptom review, assessment of task
performance, ADHD diagnostic rating scales, mood and
anxiety assessment, as well as intellectual functioning

Testing can be conducted in 1.5 hours and results available
within 3-5 days.

Some health insurance may cover this diagnostic evaluation.

Contact us at (479) 957-8546 or for
additional questions or to scheduled an appointment.
Diagnostic Testing and Assessment
Psychosexual Assessment

Psychosexual evaluations or sex offender risk
assessments are available for both juveniles and adults.
This evaluation is designed to provide an estimate of risk
for re-offense, provide treatment recommendations and
may assists attorneys and courts in judicial proceedings.

Evaluations take between 2-4 hours for clinical
interviewing and may require additional time for individual
testing. Evaluations are generally completed within 7
days of the assessment.

Evaluation components may include but are not limited to:

  • Cognitive Assessment of Intelligence
  • Personality Functioning
  • Psychosocial Functioning
  • Drug/Alcohol History
  • Employment/Educational Functioning
  • Sexual History
  • Sexual Interests
  • Actuarial Risk Assessment for Re-offense
  • Empirically Guided Risk Assessment for Re-offense
  • Violence Risk Assessment
  • Dynamic and Static Risk Factors

For more details email:

Expert Witness Testimony

Expert Witness Testimony for psychosexual evaluation
and sex offender risk assessment is available. The
evaluator is recognized as an expert witness in forensic
sex offender evaluation and treatment with both adults
and juveniles.

For more details email: sam@nca-therapy